Education for EAs


Bill Nemeth, Education Cmtte Chairman

Welcome to the GAEA Education Page. In our attempt to offer relevant and worthy educational programs during the year, we partner with our sister organization, the GAEA Educational Foundation. Together we annually provide 3 educational events: (1) the GAEA Annual Workshop & Convention held in early May; (2) NCPE Business Return Seminar & Workshop in August; and (3) the NCPE Federal Tax Update Seminar in December. These three programs provide a well balanced mix for the Enrolled Agent community.

In addition to the state programs, we have two local chapters in Atlanta and Savannah offering 1-2 hour programs on a monthly basis. These chapters continue to provide quality CPE in an informal setting that encourages networking and business friendship with colleagues. Meals are usually included and precede the training sessions

About the GAEA Educational Foundation

The GAEA Educational Foundation (GAEA-EF), established in 2005, is dedicated to helping aspiring Enrolled Agents reach their goal by providing scholarships to prepare for the Special Enrollment Examination. Beyond that, we have a mission to assist Enrolled Agents and other Circular 230 licensed tax practitioners maintain their high quality professional standing. That is why our scholarship applications are peer reviewed and awarded to those who attend NAEA’s premiere national continuing professional education (CPE) program – the National Tax Practice Instituteā„¢ (NTPIā„¢).

The GAEA-EF works collaboratively with GAEA in order to offer scholarships making it more convenient for independent practitioners to take the CPE credits required by the IRS and maintain the license governed by Circular 230.

GAEA Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Bill Nemeth, EA, President

Chet Burgess, EA, Secretary/Treasurer

Margie Havlin, EA, Director

Tibby Llewellyn, EA,Director