GAEA Officers and Directors For 2018-2020


President:   Bill Nemeth, EA, MBA

Vice President:   Tracey Ann Gordineer, CFP, EA

Secretary:  Cindy Klein, EA, CAA

Treasurer:   Diana Holmes, EA

Executive Director:   Chris Hardy, CFP, EA, ChFC, CLU, NTPI Fellow


Director:   Art Aube, EA, CFS, CFP, NTPI Fellow

Director:   Lawrence Blair, EA

Director:   Merry Brodie, EA, NTPI Fellow

Director:   Patti Burns, EA

Director:   Sandra DeFoe, EA, NTPI Fellow

Director:   Margie Havlin, EA

Director:   Maureen Ianacone, EA

Director:  Tibby Llewellyn, EA, ATA

Director:  Julian Robinson, EA, NTPI Fellow

Director:   Umang Thakkar, EA

Director:   Jonna Truan, EA

The President and other Officers are elected for two-year terms. The Executive Director is appointed by the President and the Directors are elected for two-year terms. Committee Chairs are appointed by the President. Members are encouraged to contact committee chairs during the year regarding issues of interest.

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Convention:   Tibby Llewellyn, EA, ATA

Merry Brodie, EA

Education:   Bill Nemeth, EA, MBA

Finance & Budget:   Merry Brodie, EA

Government Liaison:   Edwin Bishop, EA, MBA

Membership:   Bill Nemeth, EA, MBA

Website:   Chet Burgess, EA

Affiliate Chapter Presidents


President: Chris Hardy, CFP, EA, ChFC, CLU, NTPI Fellow


President:  Tibby Llewellyn, EA, ATA