GAEA Officers and Directors For 2016-2018

President:   Chris Hardy, CFP, EA, ChFC, CLU, NTPI Fellow

Vice President:   Julian Robinson, EA

Secretary:   Lawrence Blair, EA

Treasurer:   Merry Brodie, EA

Executive Director:   Bill Nemeth, EA, MBA

Director:   Art Aube, EA, CFS, CFP, NTPI Fellow

Director:   Sandra DeFoe, EA, NTPI Fellow

Director:   Diana Holmes, EA

Director:   Cindy Klein, EA, CAA

Director:   Tibby Llewellyn, EA, ATA

Director:   Alexende Mesidor, EA

Director:   Henrietta Moore, EA

Director:   Markham Peykoff, EA

Director:   Ben Tallman, USTCP, EA

Director:   Jonna Truan, EA

The President and other Officers are elected for two year terms. The Executive Director is appointed by the President and the Directors are elected for two year terms. Committee Chairs are appointed by the President. Members are encouraged to contact committee chairs during the year regarding issues of interest.

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Convention:   Tibby Llewellyn, EA, ATA

Merry Brodie, EA

Education:   Bill Nemeth, EA, MBA

Finance & Budget:   Merry Brodie, EA

Government Liaison:   Edwin Bishop, EA, MBA

Membership:   Bill Nemeth, EA, MBA

Website:   Chet Burgess, EA

Affiliate Chapter Presidents


President: Chris Hardy, CFP, EA, ChFC, CLU, NTPI Fellow


President:  Tibby Llewellyn, EA, ATA